How to add Multiple IP Address in Windows 2000,XP,2003


  1. Excelent. I was looking for this.

  2. Dear sir,
    i configure multiple IP address in my windows XP system. But,i can’t access another system. (For Ex. my machine ip is & i configure another ip in the same machine MY some machine ip started from to & some machine ip started from to but i can’t access machine from machine. This all machine divided in two switch. Can i access both switch connected machine from one machine It is possible? please help me. Thanks!

  3. Thank you! I’ve been wondering how to do multiple IP addresses in windows. With gig-e NICs at home one is not likely to need the bandwidth or seperate physical ports.

    Now, how do I get specific programs to use only the IP address that is intended for them?

    Also, most any ethernet NIC one buys today proclaims it supports 802.1Q vlans, and my home cisco 2621 certainly does, but how do I get to configure them and use them in windows? I use them all the time on big routers and switches at work, it is just windows that is in or perhaps just is the fog cloud.

    VLANS would also be useful for virtual machines especially if that is the only way one can get specific programs to use specific addresses.

  4. Author

    802.1Q support is built into the NIC driver and most of them come with advanced configuration software. I’m Intel Pro cards & Broadcom cards do come wth the software with which you can add vlans IDs to it.

  5. Do you know what the upper limit is officially for the number of IPs you can assign to a single adaptor? I think I have experienced that up to 4 work, but I was wondering if anyone has seen any official documentation on this.

  6. I want to fix a logical IP address to a LAN card or MAC Address as if the user can never change IP settings. Please give me a solutions.

  7. Author

    Not sure about your setup. But, you can setup a reservation on ur DHCP to ensure that the PC/laptop gets the same IP address and restrict the switchport to a particular vlan (based on the DHCP scope)

  8. I did one to 7, but when I check in ipconfig, it lists all zeros. Would you happen to know why? And, what the fix is? Thanks.

  9. Great just what I needed thank you so much !

  10. Hi

    If you define two IP on one network card, you can have trouble to register dynamically the second IP on the DNS database.
    To do this, you need to create the MaxNumberOfAdressToRegister in the registry.
    For more information, see (in french).

  11. A private IP address is assigned to a serial interface of a router connected to a remote branch office via Frame relay.
    How is this working?is a private IP address routable?

  12. My LAPTOP IS HAVING a /32 prefix is this explicable?

  13. hey what am i suppose to enter into the DNS servers?

  14. how to find what is cyber cafe orignal ip address i see some cyber computer 192.16.x.x ip used but what is his real ip how to find out some one help me .

  15. Author

    192.168.x.x indicates their LAN private IPs. Their public IPs with which they are seen on the internet is shown on the top of this webpage.

  16. Excellent way to explain a good concept in a simple way.

  17. Dear Sir,
    I am serviece engg. i have findout one problem that problem cann’t understand it. That machine is RHEL machine gigabit ethernet card but cannot use 10mbps line but use for 100mbps line. that customer asking for i will use 10mbps line. Please sir any solution for this problem. but onboard Intel ethernet card. This ethernet card is support 10mbps line.

  18. Thanks alot! that’s what am really looking for!!! You make it so sweet to understand and follow…

  19. actually sir I just want to change or add my ip from command prompt

  20. Hi,
    Is there a way to set multiple IPs to a NIC using WMI APIs or netsh command? (I am able to do this using “netsh..add..”). Most importantly I wanted to know if there is a way to set an IP and identify it as Primary IP for the NIC.

    Say I have ip1, ip2, ip3 to be set to NIC1 of which ip2 should be my primary IP – how do I control this?

  21. My ip address is assigned dynamically by DHCP.I want to create two IP address to my machine.can any one help me pls.

  22. in this example is the the external ip or is it a nother internal ip that you then need to change port setings and assign the accual external ip to?

  23. Thanks for the information. Any idea on how to script adding/deleting virtual ip’s?

  24. what is the benefit if i setup multiple IP in my PC?

    waiting for your reply friend : )

  25. I have 200 Pcs on lan and having 2 DSl Lines that is shared by all pc’s on lan and I have taken a third DSL line for the use of some particular PC’s on Lan and How to restricted the other PC’s of Lan to access this third lan and give access to the PC I wish to.

  26. Hi,

    This is something that I have wanted to use for a long time. I am trying to use VB based tool and want to use different Physical IP each time.

    If I add different Ip addresses as shown in above example, how can I keep suffling them to use different each time from the available list?

    Awaiting your response!


  27. Actually Sir, why are you describing this?

  28. Hi, my server is on DMZ side and I want to host two website on port 443 (SSL). It requires unique combination of IP address and port number. I created two IP address on same logical network although in different subnets. One website is working and the second is not. Do I need to do anything on my ASA firewall or CISCO switch?
    Many thanks,

  29. How to work with DNS server. it some times stops working either first or second

  30. I a single static ip address comming in and need to share it with 7 virtual machines. how can I access each of the internal vms from the outside with a single static ip address.

    Thanks for your help!

  31. i am hacking the hell out of the computer games that i play bkuz of this other ip adress…thanks!!!!!

  32. I have a network card which gets the ip from a DHCP.
    Is it possible to add another ip address to this card in addition to the DHCP ip address?

  33. Dear sir,
    I am really greatful to u for your help. My main IP is There are more serial in my network like 192.168.111.x, 192.168.180.x and so on. But the problem is all the subnet masks are the same. SO when I combine several IPs cmd shows that but the problem is I lose the speed along with the main speed.In short me net becomes out of servie. It is not working in my pc. I think the problem is subnet mask that i have only one. What should I do…..Please tell me

  34. Dear all,

    This is great info. I am glad I ran to this. I could not find some of the answers to some of the questions like: How can I make my machine to shuffle or randomely use the configured IP addresses. I need this in a performance web test. Any pointers?

  35. Just one question regarding the sentence:

    “these IP Addresses should be in the same logical network although in different subnets.”
    Is there a problem to have more than one IP on the same NIC in the same subnet?

  36. Hi..

    Can we use different class ip addresses on the same NIC

    Those who knows please reply


  37. hi there,
    how do i add a secondary ip if i already have a router connected to the server… the internet line is routed with a ADSL modem

  38. We have Windows servers with more than 20 IP addresses on a single NIC (and several NICs, all of which happen to be virtual). The IP addresses can be in different subnets and have different classes (/8,/16,/24). Works fine. The main reason we do that is that these servers act as interface boxes in multi-(V)LAN systems and need to be reachable from different subnets which are otherwise isolated.

  39. Thanks alot for your info.. bro…

  40. Hi

    We are facing a slightly different problem than what you people are discussing here.

    In our organization, there are over 700 users connected through LAN and/or Wifi through DHCP.when a particular user moves from LAN to Wifi or vise versa, He/She starts using two IP addresses. Even after disconnecting from either connections, the IP address doesnt gets released and so any other who has just connected wont get an IP.
    (We are using 4 pools of IPs, which I am sure is more than enough for 700 users.)
    Basically what we want is , as soon as a user moves from LAN to Wifi or Viseversa the old IP assigned to his system should be released for any other user.

    Thanks in advance !

  41. that was great thanks

  42. Great. This is what I was looking for.

    I dont know how to creat IP address in please send me step by step detail in gmail emil id.I am waiting for your reply.

    I dont know how to creat IP address in please send me step by step detail in gmail emil id.I am waiting for your reply.I am waiting for your reply.

  45. I am not able to run the Internet after configuring the new Ip

  46. Hi

    I also would like to know how to setup multiple IP Adresses in Windows 7 or XP.

    Here is my situation ;

    We have 3 different branches which is connected to our head office.

    Each branch has a different IP Range

    Head office IP Range is
    Branch A is
    Branch B is
    Branch C is

    The reason for multiple IP adresses is because when the CEO goes to his desk at all the different branches he plugs his lan cable to the laptop and doesn’t want to change the ip adress all the time. He wants that specific IP Adress which is assigned to him per branch on the laptop so that he is of the proxy and has full internet access.

    Your help in this regard will be highly appreciated


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