How to configure Site-Site IPSec VPN in Cisco Routers (IOS)


  1. This is very good note on building VPN. Very easy explaination

  2. what IOS do i require to make this configuration possible??

  3. Excellent. Easy to understand for a first-timer like me. Thank you.

  4. Your wildcard mask in your ACL is wrong. All traffic will be denied.
    should be otherwise your ACL will not work.

  5. Setup a Crypto ACL

    This ACL defines the protected traffic that passes through the VPN tunnel. Customize the ACL as per your organisation needs.

    VPN-HQ(config)# ip access-list 101 permit ip

    Is the above access-list statement right . packet tracer not accepting this

  6. The problem is the access-list,the wild card of is expecting an ip add of
    NOTE: zesros means i care while ones means i do not care in access-list wild card.

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