How to configure GLBP in Cisco IOS Routers


  1. Can someone explain what each command do?


  2. Hello,

    I would like suggestions about a problem with GLBP.
    My scenario have a router PIX before the GLBP routers. The GLBP router(R1) has 2 serials links(2x2Mb) and the GLBP router(R2)also has 2 serials links(2x2Mb).
    My doubt is wether with this scenario, the GLBP load balance won´t works well. Because when the router PIX, send packets to virtual IP, the AVF1 send its VIRTUAL MAC ADDRESS to router PIX and this MAC will still populate the router PIX arp table forever. The AVF2 don´t send its VIRTUAL MAC ADDRESS to anyone.
    Does anyone know how can i make GLBP works correct? or if my scenario is atypical?

  3. how can i do this with a core switch 4506 and 4507??? or a can do this with this core switch???

  4. For PIX and load balancing, configure two HSRP groups with two virtual IP and custmize priority to make R1 is active of group one and R2is active on group 2 then on PIX add two default route to the two groups virtual IP

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