HowTo: Change IP Address in Solaris 10 without reboot


  1. You make no mention of /etc/defaultrouter. Why is that?

  2. Great, please modify the permissions on the hosts file to read & write before you start editing the file.

  3. Hi

    I had to change only netmask on my solaris 10 server. I entered the command like above: svcadm restart network/physical. Before I did it, I had changed mask on file /etc/netmasks. After I entered YOur’s command nothing change. So I had to entered this:

    ifconfig bge0 IP_address netmask NET_MASK

    and this help :)))

  4. Hi Makakut,

    If you do that, you will only make the IP address to change temporarily, it will revert back when you do a reboot

  5. you need to change /etc/netmask
    and then run that command only write network address. network address dot zero’s in place of node address.

  6. I need some help with dual stacking a Solaris 10 box is this possible and if so can someone please give me a good link to use so that I may read the procedures

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