Load Balancing using SRV record in DNS


  1. Do DNS SRV records actually work with IE and Firefox browsers?

    I’m thinking of using this to make the move from one physical server to another more seamless.


  2. Sarel, you’ve hit the mark. Exactly that’s the problem about IN SRV DNS RRs. They are nice for new protocols (XMPP aka Jabber includes it in the specs as a requirement and on IM this is especially usefull.), but tcpdumping reveals that neither Firefox nor Opera does _http._tcp IN SRV lookups…. so leaving this fact out of scope renders this article completely useless.
    BTW – I would dream about a world where DNS reflects that “Services” have got nothing to do with the “Host” it’s running on (“currently”…).

  3. Problems attempting to resolve SRV in Solaris 10?

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