HowTo: Find switchport for a MAC Address on a Cisco Catalyst Switch


  1. Have you tried ZipTie? It’s an open source network management program that does this kind of stuff for breakfast! 🙂 Seriously, like right-click on a switch and run the Switchport/MAC mapping tool, view the results. Then even type in an IP address and it will tell you which MAC it is and which switchport it is connected to. Talk about handy for finding which port a desktop machine is connected to!

    I noticed you also had a blog about how to show chassis serial number and part numbers. ZipTie captures all that too along with backing up your device configurations. And it supports not just IOS, but Juniper, Nortel, Radware, Force10, and a bunch of equipment providers.

    I know all this because I work on the ZipTie project! 🙂

    Seriously, we’re awesome. No network engineer should be without us.

  2. Author


    Thanks for the input. I’ve been watching and evaluating Ziptie for quite sometime…Was just going to do a write up on ziptie and other similar tools (all opensource). You just got here early 😉

    Ziptie is a great product, great framework!!!!


  3. Cool! step. Thnks from Thai-Network Admin.

  4. how to bind an public Ip with the MAC address in either Cisco switch 2960 or Cisco Router 1842 series

  5. I’ve read many of these articles explaining this process but where I always have trouble is obtaining the correct MAC address. From the core switch, when I perform a sh ip arp 10.x.x.x I get a blank response. When I try this from a distribution switch, I get a MAC address in return, but not the MAC of the actual system I’m trying to locate. I believe it’s the MAC address of the etherchannel Po1 that’s being returned. I verified this by RDP’ing to the actual system and verifying it’s MAC address, but many times, this is not possible. Argghhh, might have to look into this ziptie thing. 🙂

  6. thanks

    amit yadav

  7. on your core router holding all your gateways try

    sh ip arp xxxx.xxxx.xxxx

    you should get the
    protocol ip_Address Age Hardware Addr(MAC) Type Interface
    Internet 192.x.x.x 80 xxxx.xxxx.xxxx ARPA VlanXX

  8. really helpful,thank u very much,,

  9. I have server with four NIC Card all are connected to One Core Switch 6500, some are configure as virtual ip address those are phyiscal connected also, and giving same Mac Address, i want to know connect port of each interface on switch. please send the command to find out
    which port ip address are connected and port Numbers.

    thanks in advance

  10. sh ip dhcp snooping binding int f0/22

    #sh ip dhcp snooping binding int f0/22
    MacAddress IpAddress Lease(sec) Type VLAN Interface
    —————— ————— ———- ————- —- ——————–
    00:1A:A0:91:xx:xx 85502 dhcp-snooping 626 FastEthernet0/22
    Total number of bindings: 1

  11. Hi,
    I’m try to locate where the MAC address connected to but it not showing on the interfaces. Below is how I figure. Can you please help / explain to me?

    core>sh ip arp f6d0.9822.bb06
    Protocol Address Age (min) Hardware Addr Type Interface
    Internet 2 f6d0.9822.bb06 ARPA Vlan142

    core>sh mac-address-table address f6d0.9822.bb06

    vlan mac address type learn age ports
    * 142 f6d0.9822.bb06 dynamic Yes 0 Po202

    core>sh etherchannel summary

    Group Port-channel Protocol Ports
    202 Po202(SU) – Gi4/33(P) Gi4/34(P)

    core>sh mac-address-table interface GigabitEthernet4/33

    vlan mac address type learn age ports
    No entries present.

    core>sh mac-address-table interface GigabitEthernet4/34

    vlan mac address type learn age ports
    No entries present.

  12. Great Post!…………It is very helpful….Thank you very much

  13. Hi,
    I need some help,please show me a way whereby you can
    trace mac address to port because somebody is sniffing
    my network….

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