How to configure HSRP in Cisco IOS Routers


  1. I have checked this config it works fine, But i dont understand the user of track command. As without the track command the goal is achieved.

    If really the track command is required than pls revert with explanation on my mail address.

    Thanks for the information.

  2. Author

    The tracker can help when the tracked interface go down to trigger an HSRP failover. Ideal in instances where you have multiple external interfaces connecting to an external network. here while u HSRP the FA interfaces, u r triggering a failover should ur primary serial interface goes down

  3. Hi
    please give me a example for ip track

  4. thank u for ur detail example of hsrp.

  5. Hi,
    Fantastic explaination of HSRP, I didn’t understand in my lecture or even in notes but I got it here.
    Many Thanks

  6. this configuration fails in case you are having ethernet link because ethernet port never goes down whenever you link is down due to lastmile problem. So traffic will never shift to standby router. To avoid this we can use track default route command. So what ever the type of link (Serial, ethernet) you are using, traffic will shift to standby router.


  7. What is the track default route command? what if my default route is on the LAN interface and not on the WAN/SERIAL/ETHERNET port as described here?

  8. I have implemented HSRP and it works great!! I have tested it and when the active router goes down, the standby kicks in with no problems. But I noticed that when the standby router goes down, how come all data stops? Has anyone else encountered this problem and if so, is this issue a configuration mishap?

  9. How does the hold timer work? In case the active router1 has been reset successfully, will it return to be the active one? If yes, how long will this revertive time take?
    Does it work similar in case of active router1 port down/up?

  10. Hi, I tried the steps and got stuck at configuring ip address on my LAN interface fa 0/1/0. The router gave me an error message “IP address may not be configured on L2 links”. What do I do? Please help.

  11. configure gig0/1/0 it will accept IP.

    all the best.

  12. Hi Folks
    I have the below scenario.

    A.I have two routers at remote office forming tunnels to two routers at head office.(remote1 to HO1 and remote2 to HO2 respectively).

    B.Remote 1 router forms GRE tunnels and remote 2 router forms IPsec tunnel.

    If I configure HSRP between them and track tunnel interface on remote 1(which I want to be primary) will it work smooth?
    Awaiting replies.

  13. hey ottawa, please make sure fa0/1/0 doesn’t have “switchport” command. IP is considered as layer 3 and switchport is L2.

  14. question: preempt is used for the router to be “active” should the active router goes down. If this is disabled, what will be the point of considering HSRP? no tracking also enabled. Also, the other comment is for Otakoya, apologies, mispelled your name. thanks for all ur reply.

  15. very helpful and easily understandable article.IF u provide its PDF version,it would be very helpful for future reference.

  16. Very much thanks to every one and also to the admin…i understood HSPR really very well by refering to this site and also to all those comments… Thanks to all of you 🙂

  17. Does anyone know the command to show all HSRP groups that are currently active? I am currently running the show standby vlan xxx but would rather be able to view all active in one shot.


  18. Thank you for your detail example of hsrp Information.

  19. I have to connect two locations from my location with two ISP’z links (Total 4 links,ISP-1 Primary,Secondary same way ISP-2 Primary,Secondary).

    How do I configure HSRP with this for two locations?
    Can some one help me on this?

  20. thanks a lot for the previous command and the illustration of each command . really it seemed very useful to me and helped me to understand the protocol and its corresponding commands

  21. Brent, You can issue the “show stand brief” command to show the status of all HSRP groups.

    Also, best practice is to use priorities that are only 5 numbers apart. For example I would use a priority of 110 on router 1 and a priority of 105 on router 2. The reason is that by default the priority decreases by 10 so router 1’s priority would now be 100 which is lower than router 2’s priority of 105. In the example above both if s0/0 went down then router 1’s priority would decrease by 10 to 100 which would be the same as router 2. You can however change the default amount that the priority is lowered by.

  22. Thanks guys, you are doing a great work.

  23. Jerald,

    I agree with your best practice of using priorities ending in “5”. Allow me to clarify why the example given still works regardless.

    Should the s0/0 go down off Router1 the priority would drop to 100. This is EQUAL to Router2 (priority 100 as well). Why then does Router2 take over? Router2 has a higher IP address; the tie breaker when priorities are equal. So Router2 wins over Router1 given both priorities are now 100. Sure this works but I prefer a definitive use of the priority command for Router 1: standby 1 priority 105

  24. dear all, im not able to run standby command i donn know why, im running packet tracer (router is PT router) and the output is as follows:

    Router(config)#int fa0/0
    Router(config-if)#ip address
    Router(config-if)#standby 10 ip
    % Invalid input detected at ‘^’ marker.

  25. HI Iqbal.
    Check your IOS on the router. Make sure that it supports HSRP. Usually when a router/swich gives you the error you are experiencing its becuase the command is not supported.
    Good luck.

  26. hi,

    i configured the hsrp in my testbed.
    now i want to write a script based on that configuration ,
    so,please help me to write those scriptsplease let me know.


  27. Hi all,

    I will setup a network with two routers (HQ1) and (Remote site1) using 2 leased line connected to GE1 & GE2 on both sides. Can I use the HSRP config as my config redundancy?
    For example, when my primary link is been suddenly down, then the secondary line will be fire-up.

    Any idea on this setup? Any solutions is much appreciated.

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