How to Backup & Restore config in Cisco routers and switches using Hyperterminal


  1. When I “paste to host” it seems to trip over or skip characters.

  2. This is a very detailed infor of what I have been searching for and certainly a very helpful piece of knowledge to teaching oneself.

    Bravo !

  3. Does it allow one to backup multiple routers at a time?

  4. Author

    Basically it captures everything from the session. You have one session under one terminal. So, I would say one at a time…HopeI understood your question.

  5. i think you’ll have more success by copying the running-config to a TFTP server, down loadable for free, and then downloading the config file to the router. It won’t skip over characters and seemed to work cleaner than copying and pasting.

  6. it is very good information for us to know how backup is made

  7. This explanation with screenshots is really very helpful..

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