Endian Firewall – IPCop based Opensource Linux Firewall


  1. Great software, but i think comunity edition doesnt have hotspot, it’s true?

  2. I would like to make a correction.

    IPcop is based on smoothwall! And not the other way arround 🙂
    the proof is everywhere, including the ipcop book i have purchased.


  3. Endian Community appears to have more features than any other Open Source UTM. Pretty sure HotSpot is also included free.

  4. No..sorry. I was wrong about that. The user guide says that HotSpot is not included in the Community Edtion.

  5. Can anyone tell me and guide me on how to enable or install feature for hotspot in my endian? Thanks.

  6. The HotSpot is a feature of the enterprise version only. With your router, you can enable a fully functional HotSpot (with or without receipts), to browse the web securely, wirelessly.

    To enable it, click “HotSpot On”.

    Here are some basic differences in the Enterprise vs. Free versions:
    Enterprise (ONLY) features w/ maintenance:

    * Auto Blacklist / Whitelist
    * VLAN Support (802.1q)
    * Group-based and time-based access control on Web Security (content filtering)
    * Access to the Endian VPN client (one for Mac, Linux, and Windows)
    * Endian Hotspot
    * High Availability (Active/Standby)
    * WAN Failover support for USB Broadband modems (all other WAN failover is included in free)
    * Policy-based routing (ability to carve up traffic at a granular level)
    * Live log viewer
    * Endian Network
    * Updates (O/S, application, etc.)
    * Support

    Feel free to email me if you’d like a quote for the enterprise software. It may be cheaper than you think!

    Brandon Bain
    Director, Business Development
    Endian U.S.
    How GREEN is your network?

  7. How can I get Endian Enterprise version? Please help me.? download demo link. etc..

  8. I don’t think Ent version demo is available for download. Please write to them.

  9. can i update free utm software version… how to connect to internet…

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