Oct 172007

Buy Reosto Without Prescription, Ultra Monkey is a project to create load balanced and highly available network services. Where can i order Reosto without prescription, UltraMonkey is an opensource project that uses Linux Virtual Server and Heartbeat opensource projects.

For example a cluster of web servers that appear as a single web server to end-users. The service may be for end-users across the world connected via the internet, buy Reosto no prescription, Order Reosto online c.o.d, or for enterprise users connected via an intranet.

An end-user sends a packet to the virtual service, Ultra Monkey selects a server and forwards the packet, Reosto in uk. Buy cheap Reosto, When the server replies, Ultra Monkey forwards this reply back to the end-user, Reosto trusted pharmacy reviews. Buy Reosto without prescription, This is the very basic operation of Ultramonkey.

Ultra Monkey makes runs on Linux operating system to provide a flexible solution that can be tailored to a wide range of needs. From small clusters of only two nodes to large systems serving thousands of connections per second.

While the Ultra Monkey software itself runs on Linux, it is able to provide clustering for virtually any network services running on an operating system that can communicate using TCP or UDP, Buy Reosto Without Prescription. This means almost any operating system, Reosto in japan, Reosto for sale, including Windows™, Solaris™ and of course Linux itself and a wide range of protocols, order Reosto online overnight delivery no prescription, Where to buy Reosto, with native health checks for: Web, Mail, buy no prescription Reosto online, Reosto to buy, FTP, News, Reosto in canada, Sale Reosto, LDAP and DNS. Other protocols can be suported using a non-native health check or by adding a custom health check.


UltraMonkey-L7 project extends from the earlier Ultra Monkey project and provides load balancing features at Layer 7, fast shipping Reosto. Saturday delivery Reosto, The architecture is flexible to incorporate various protocols and load balancing methods, that can be added in the future.

Over the recent years, Reosto over the counter, Cod online Reosto, SSL encryption is used to prevent loss of information during communication in web applications. The architecture of UltraMonkey-L7 has been enabled to easily incorporate the processing of SSL communication.

Key Features

  • Layer 7 switching using the Linux Virtual Server.
  • Load-balancing using specific character string interpretation of URL
  • Session persistence using specific character string interpretation of URLEasily expandable to a large number of IP based virtual services.
  • High Availability provided by Heartbeat protocol.
  • Supports Highly Available and Load Balanced topologies with working configuration examples. 

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