Mar 112008

Maximum Segment Size (MSS) value advertised by a Server or a System is the preffered size of the segment that it can receive. For an standard packet this is equivalent to the Maximum Transmission unit (MTU) – 40bytes (standard TCP/IP overhead of 40 bytes [20+20]). This is the value that the server advertises and not what we can transmit.

If the MTU is 1500 bytes then the MSS will be 1460 bytes.

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Mar 102008

The Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) can be set/modified in real time on Redhat Enterprise Linux or can be set force the value at boot time.

The MTU in simple terms is the maximum size of a packet that can be sent on a Network Interface card. The default MTU size is 1500 bytes.

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Feb 202008

Dr.TCP is a simple but powerful utility that can let you fine tune the TCP/IP parameters for your Network Interface Card (NIC). It works on Windows XP, 2003,2000.

Dr.TCP takes the hassle out of editing the Windows Registry and modifying keys to fine tune the TCP/IP Parameters at


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Nov 012007

Gratuitous ARP is a feature of the Address Resolution Protocol wherein the host broadcasts an ARP request or reply for its own hardware address.
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Sep 102007

Windows XP Professional, Windows 2003 and Windows 2000 supports TCP/IP filtering. TCP/IP filtering allows you to specify exactly which types of incoming IP traffic are processed as the destination for each IP interface. This feature is designed to isolate the traffic being processed by Internet and intranet clients in the absence of other TCP/IP filtering provided by IPSec, the Routing and Remote Access service, or other TCP/IP applications or services. TCP/IP filtering is disabled by default. Continue reading »

Sep 092007

In my years of experience, if I have to put a list of great tools for troubleshooting, winsockfix will certainly be one of those right at the top of it. Winsocfix fixes the winsock settings on your Windows XP machine. It can often cure the problem of lost connections after the removal of Adware components or improper uninstall of firewall applications or other tools that modify the XP network and Winsock settings. Continue reading »

Sep 092007

Windows XP has got a GUI Network Diagnostics tool built-in. This tool can perform a series of Network scans and display results in a nice presented format. This can also be exported to a file, if needed to send to a technician offcite to troubleshoot. Continue reading »