Mar 152008

Polipo is a free simple, small and fast caching web proxy. Polipo can be used out of the box and can support a single user on a computer or many computers on a network and can even support higher number of users on a bigger network.

Features of Polipo WebProxy are

Polipo uses HTTP/1.1 pipelining as against Persistent connections if the remote server supports and whether the incoming requests are pipelined or come in simultaneously on multiple connections

Polipo will cache the initial segment of an instance if the download has been interrupted, and, if necessary, complete it later using Accept-Range requests

Polipo will upgrade client requests to HTTP/1.1 even if they come in as HTTP/1.0, and upgrade or downgrade server replies to the client's capabilities (this may involve conversion to or from the HTTP/1.1 chunked encoding)

Polipo fully supports IPv6 (except for scoped (link-local) addresses).

Polipo has primitive filtering capabilities and can be used to ad-filter and be used as privacy-enhancing proxy.
Polipo can optionally use a technique known as Poor Man's Multiplexing (a technique that simulates multiplexing by requesting an instance in multiple segments; because the segments are fetched in independent transactions, they can be interleaved with requests for other resources)to reduce latency even further.

Polipo web proxy is supported on most known Linux environments and has packages for Debian,Ubuntu & Gentoo. Users have contributed packages for SuSE, Redhat, CentOS, Fedora, FreeBSD Distributions. For Windows and Mac OS there are installers contributed as well.

Installation is straight forward and is as simple as copying the binaries for Polipi. While in Windows, Installers contributed by users just runs the installation wizard and the default configs are good enough to start working straight away. This is why Polipo can start performing straight out of the box. While customization and restricting websites or localhosts can be performed from config & forbidden files loaded on the system or from the web configuration interface


Start Polipo webproxy on your server or pc and it will start listening on port 8123.

Update the proxy address on your browser to use the proxy IP address (localhost for your own PC) and port 8123.

To download Polipo Webproxy, click here

The homepage has good documentation and manuals for installations and advanced configurations.

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