Nov 022007

On October 29 2007, Vyatta announced the latest release of its open-source networking software. The Vyatta Community Edition (VC3) software combines router, firewall, and VPN capabilities into an integrated solution that delivers twice the performance of proprietary network solutions at half the price.

The latest release, Vyatta Community Edition 3 (VC3) provides substantial enhancements and feature additions from the previous VC2 release, including IPSec VPN, multi-link PPP, and BGP scaling and security.

Vyatta now supports dedicated site-to-site (branch-to-branch or branch-to-HQ) virtual private networking and supports the most widely used cryptographic algorithms, including 3DES, AES (128 and 256-bit), MD5, and SHA1. In addition, IPsec VPN can now be configured in a cluster of multiple Vyatta units with failover mechanisms providing high availability for mission-critical services.

Multi-link PPP (MLPPP)
MLPPP allows customers to increase WAN bandwidth by using multiple low-speed circuits, in parallel, enabling a Bandwidth optimization by using multiple connections to increase bandwidth.
BGP scaling and security enhancements
Improved BGP scaling provides faster routing convergence with many peers. MD5-based neighbor authentication delivers improved routing security. Per-BGP peer policy support makes it easier than ever to control route propagation. New monitoring and troubleshooting commands make Vyatta easier to use.

Vyatta Community Edition (VC3) is now available for download from here. Vyatta is planning to release a new version of its software every 6 months.

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