Nov 072007

Buy Cleocin Without Prescription, To add a Static Route in Sun Solaris operating system, you can use the route command. This will dynamically update the Kernel IP Routing table, buy cheap Cleocin. Sale Cleocin, However, when a server is restarted, Cleocin in india, Cleocin in japan, these routes will be lost. To prevent this from happening, Cleocin in us, Cleocin to buy, add a startup script S76static-routes with all the route commands for the static route that needs to persist. This will ensure that the route gets added at boot time.

To use the route command, buy no prescription Cleocin online, Cleocin gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release,


# route add [net|host] <Addr> netmask <Mask> [GatewayAddr|-interface ] <metric>


Add a network

# route add net netmask 1

same as

# route add 1

Add a host

# route add host netmask 1

same as

# route add 1

To route the traffic through an interface instead of an IP Gateway

# route add -interface hme0

To check that the roots are added to Kernel IP Routing table,

# netstat -rn

Routing Table: IPv4
  Destination           Gateway           Flags  Ref   Use   Interface
-------------------- -------------------- ----- ----- ------ ---------        U         1    273  hme0           U         1      0   hme0
default              UG        1    196

Static Routes at boot time

To make the routes available at boot time so the next time when the server reboots, buy Cleocin online cod, Purchase Cleocin online no prescription, the routes are still available. Add a startup script named as


and add the required route commands as above.

Change the permissions for the file so that the file is executable by root.

# chmod 744 /etc/rc2.d/S76static-routes

This should help.

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  9 Responses to “Buy Cleocin Without Prescription”

  1. if you have a destop with ip to access using a port 7588 to a server with ip on solaris operating system.{solaris 10)

    how do go about opening the port.

  2. What is a ‘starup script’?

    Do you mean an empty text file, with the command,

    route add net netmask 1

    for example, added in the first line?

    How do you know, from the output of netstat -rn, what gateway to put in? What netmask to use?

    Why is the file called /etc/rc2.d/S76static-routes? Does the S76 have significance? Is it always S76 or does the number change based upon the situation?

    Why is there a hyphen there in the name? Other writeups have just S, a number, and the word ‘staticroutes’. Does it matter?

    How do you test a static route to make sure it worked?

    I cannot find any of this information on the web.

    Unfortunately I cannot reboot the box I am on, so I have no way of knowing if this ‘permanent’ route will come back.

  3. how to configure gateway in sun solaris 10 operating system, i configure the ip address with help of “ifconfig” command. pls help me!!

  4. To add a gateway :

    # route add default
    # echo > /etc/defaultrouter

  5. Simply writing ‘route add’ etc., in a text file and save it as /etc/rc2.d/S76static-routes works fine for me

    Thankzzzzzzzzzzzz a Lottttttttt

  6. As of Solaris 10 the ‘-p’ permanent flag was added to ‘/usr/sbin/route’.

    route -p add default w.x.y.z

    Now your route is permanent and will persist across reboots. Using /etc/rc?.d scripts is a BAD idea because with SMF your routes may get added after a dependant service is started.

  7. In Solaris 10, the static routes are kept in /etc/inet/static_routes, but that file is to be maintained by using the “-p” (persistant) switch to the “route” command.

  8. What about assigning a route to a specific interface? I am using Solaris 10, and I’d like to specify that a specific host be routed through my bge1 interface.

    I’ve tried several flavors of:

    route add -host a.b.c.d -iface bge1

    but each comes back w/ “bge1: bad value”.

  9. How to route two ips which is in two different networks?

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