Jan 302008

RANCID is Really Awesome New Cisco Config Differ. AS its name implies, RANCID monitors network device configuration, including software and hardware and uses CVS (Concurrent Version System) or Subversion to maintain history of changes. RANCID is simple and is easy to use.

The same very functionality of RANCID can be used as a backup system for Network device config backup system or even a config change alert system as it can email changes from previous saved configurations. All this RANCID does by logging on to a network device using Telnet or SSH and runs various show commands to grab config changes (hardware & Software), send alert emails of any changes, format the info and commit to the CVS system.

Some of the devices that RANCID supports

Cisco Routers and Cisco Catalyst Switches (IOS & CatOS)

Juniper Routers

Foundry Switches

HP ProCurve Switches

Alteon Switches

Redback NAS



RANCID is a Linux based software and needs to be compiled and installed (unfortunately there is no package built for specific Linux platforms)

RANCID can be downloaded from SHURBBERY networks here

RANCID requires the expect module installed on the Linux platform. A sample email notification showing changes based on the previous config versions can be found here.

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  2 Responses to “RANCID – Network Device Config Differ,Config Change alert,backup”

  1. Do manufacturers directly include RANCID as a option or do you have to buy third party direct?

  2. I use it since 1 years to backup all of my HP Procurve switch (45), really impressive …
    Rancid warn me for any config modifications, usefull when others make changes on switchs.

    @Chris : you do not need any third party soft, Rancid use standard telnet or ssh interface to connect to remotes devices and backup everything (it just writes “show config” on the terminal and get back informations.)

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