Apr 182008

With Cisco IOS version 11.2, Cisco introduced the Named ACLs. Named ACLs are Standard or Extended ACLs which are give names instead of a ACL number. Technically, other than giving a name to the ACL there isn't any other difference when it comes to the functionality as in Standard or Extended ACL.

To add a Named ACL,

ciscorouter# conf term

ciscorouter(config)# ip access-list standard ACL-IN


where ACL-IN is the ACL name given to the Standard ACL. Click here for configuring Standard Access Lists.

ciscorouter(config)# ip access-list extended ACL-OUT


where ACL-OUT is the ACL name given to the Extended ACL. Click here for configuring Extended Access Lists

To apply the ACL onto an interface

ciscorouter# conf term

ciscorouter(config) int fa0/0

ciscorouter(config-if)# ip access-group ACL-OUT out

Here, we apply the ACL-OUT named ACL to the FastEthernet0/0 interface.

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