Nov 292007

redWall Firewall is a free opensource firewall based on Gentoo linux distribution with Linux Kernel 2.6. redWall firewall runs from a bootable CD-ROM while the configs are saved on a USB Memory stick, Floppy drive or on the Hard Drive. Newer version has support to install the firewall on the Hard Disk. The redWall firewall has a good web interface.

Reporting on the firewall is based on a MySQL database (except for squid) and so presents the advantage of using the firewall also as a Management console or a logging console so multiple firewalls in the network can report back to the management station or do the logging onto the redWall firewall for better presentation and broader visibility of the whole network security.

Features include

  • Stateful Firewall (iptables)
  • Proxy using Squid
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) using Snort
  • Mail gateway functionality with Virus scanning and Antivirus support
  • Support for Bridging, NAT
  • DNS support using dnsmasq
  • Traffic shaping
  • Network Analyzer using nTop and DarkStat
  • Network monitoring and Bandwidth monitoring using Zabbix and Jffnms
  • SNMP reporting using Cacti
  • Webmin support
  • Log analysis using BASE
  • Good reporting for Squid and rest of the logs using Sarg Report
  • Management/Logging console for multiple firewalls on the network

There is not much documentation available on the website for redWall but given that the firewall can run off the CD-ROM (installable to Hard Disk) and that the configs can be saved onto a USB Memory Stick, Floppy or a Hard Disk, an old PC can certainly be enough to run a fully functional Firewall. Ofcourse, give some good hard disk space for Squid and/or for central logging (if used as a logging console)

The CD ISO image can be downloaded here.

To install the Firewall onto the Hard Disk, run "redwall-setup" from the console and select "INSTALLATION" and follow the onscreen instructions.

A Reader's Toolbox

Normally after 220-602 a number of individuals go for 1Y0-259 or the more advanced 640-822. People seldom try for 220-601 as that only leads to 70-293.

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